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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a summary of the DCT activities for the last 12 months.

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ACE December 2023

See the latest from Arusha here.

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ACE April 2024

Check out what is happening in ARUSHA here

Read more about 'ACE April 2024 '...

ACE and Tanzania July 2023

Check out the latest from Tanzania here

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Arusha Update December 2022

Read here the latest update for ACE in Tanzania

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Arusha Update June 2022

Check out the latest update for our Tanzanian programme here

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Arusha Update December 2021

Read  here the latest update for ACE in Tanzania.

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ACE update - April 2021

See whats happening in Arusha Tanzania here.

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ACE September update

Read about our latest ACE news here

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October 2020 - Duncan Charitable Trust News

Hi there, Since the onset of Covid, and particularly the end of the first lock-down in June, we have been inundated with applications for OB scholarships.

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